Ranveer Singh REVEALS the ruthless side of Deepika Padukone in Instagram live chat and her reaction is unmissable! – Times of India


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Ranveer Singh indulged in an Instgram live chat with Sunil Chetri on Sunday and spilled some interesting deets. Sunil Chetri quoted Deepika Padukone stating that as an opponent she gives Ranveer three points in a game of badminton as she respects the fact that he is Prakash Padukone’s son-in-law. Ranveer was quick to call out to his ‘Baby’ and said, “Baby Expose kar rahi hai tu mujhe (You are exposing me)”. However a cheerful Deepika crashed his chat with a thumbs-up and her a laughter too was heard in the background.

Spilling the beans on his badminton matches with DP, Ranveer shared, “I thought I am a very athletic guy and have played a lot of badminton at my nani’s place during childhood days but the maximum I have scored is three and at times I don’t get off the mark. She has been out of practice, I thought I will put up a good fight but I realized that badminton is also about putting the shuttle cock wherever you want to. She is ruthless, embarrasses me every time and takes every game seriously taking up every point.”

However on the live chat Ranveer also promised to improve his skills and beat his wife at the game. “That is one aspect of my life that I want to get better at, so that I am able to atleast not be a complete embarrassment on the court. I promise to work hard and one day I will cross 10 in a 21 point game.”

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