Use your conditioner for these other interesting hacks, besides hair care


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Published: July 5, 2020 7:10:56 pm

In order to get back the natural moisture of the body, you can add a little bit of conditioner to your bath, just as you are getting done. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Most people think that the conditioner is only effective for the hair. That you must apply it on the strands and then keep it away for your next hair-wash session. But, the conditioner can serve more purposes than just that. In fact, there are some easy hacks which you need to know about, which are believed to make your life easier. Here are some interesting uses of your regular hair conditioner that you ought to know about.

* You can use the conditioner as a bath moisturiser. Especially if you have used a body scrub, or a bathing lather which created a lot of foam. In order to get back the natural moisture of the body, you can add a little bit of conditioner to your bath, just as you are getting done. In no time you will get a moisturised skin.

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* The next thing you need to keep in mind is that since conditioners smell really nice, people like to use it to enhance the fragrance of their hair. But, the conditioner can also make your clothes smell great. You can make your own fabric softener and refresher. For this, you need to mix a little bit of conditioner with some water and put it in a spray bottle. Just shake the bottle so that the contents inside mix thoroughly, and then spritz it on the clothes from a distance. This works when you do not feel like washing your clothes but want them to smell fresh.

* Conditioners can also be used as shaving cream. The goal is to moisturise your skin and we have already explained how conditioners can make that happen.

* You can get soft cuticles for both your manicure and your pedicure session, if you apply just a little bit of the conditioner on the nails using a cotton swab. Massage the cuticles gently and they will get soft in no time.

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* If your shower drain gets clogged for some reason, just pour a little amount of conditioner down it, to loosen the clog. You must follow it up by pouring a little bit of hot water down the drain to clear whatever has been clogging it.

* It is believed that you can even do your laundry using conditioners, especially if you have run out of laundry soap. Just put your clothes in a clean sink. Soak them in hot water and then pour a teaspoon of conditioner. Let the clothes stay like that in a foamy mix for half an hour, because you take them out, rinse and then dry.

So, which home hack do you think will help you the most?

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