10 Books on Indian Railways That May Calm Your Inner Traveller


With the coronavirus pandemic, the travelling industry has certainly faced one of its biggest lulls. The Indian Railways could be considered one of its victims as the pandemic keeps most of us at home. However, if one cannot travel in the trains, one can surely read about them from a wide selection of books.

Let us take a look at ten books that may help you understand how the Indian Railways work and what memories it has created for some of the authors.

Indian Railway Stories by Ruskin Bond

In this anthology of 18 short stories readers will get to see Indian Railways from the eyes of Uttarakhand-based author. Bond paints a nostalgic picture of the Indian Railways as he takes the readers on a journey that spans pre-independence India and post-independence India. The second half of the book features stories from authors like Khushwant Singh, and Satyajit Ray and is sure to impress you.

Indian Railways: The Weaving of a National Tapestry by Bibek Debroy and Sanjay Chadha

This book gives its readers an idea of how the Indian Railways went on to become one of the most dependable forms of transportation across the country.

A Short History of Indian Railways by Rajendra B. Aklekar

As the name suggests the book will give a glimpse of the trials and tribulations faced by the British authorities as they introduced the railways to the country.

Railways and the Raj by Christian Wolmar

Another book depicting the origins of the Indian Railways during the British colonial rule in the country, this book by British journalist Wolmar shows how this form of transportation has evolved over the years.

Halt Station India: The Dramatic Tale of the Nation’s First Rail Lines by Rajendra B. Aklekar

In this deeply researched book, readers will get to read about Mumbai Railway and how it became the lifeline that it is for the city’s passengers.

The Great Indian Railways: A Cultural Biography by Arup Chatterjee

How the introduction of trains brought about a cultural change in the country, if that is the question that you have in mind then this book is your answer.

Railways in Modern India by Robert Varady

This book is a collection of essays written by prominent historical figures like Karl Marx, MK Gandhi, and more who had written about the introduction of railways in the country.

Railway Laws of India: Indian Law Series by Shubham Sinha

The book deals with the legal matters related to the Indian Railways and may come in handy for those who want to work in the industry.

India’s Disappearing Railways: A Photographic Journey by Angus McDonald

This book is a photo-essay that shows Indian trains as the main character.

Exploring Indian railways by William McKay Aitken

This book will turn you into an admirer of the Indian Railways as Atiken shares accounts of his journey through the country.

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