Skincare Routine: Natural Tips For A Healthy Skin


A good skin day is something we all look forward to.

A good skin day is something we all look forward to.

A good skin day is something we all look forward to. From treating breakouts to sunburn,  we often tend to flip pages of our grandmother’s diary to come up with some desi tips. And it works like magic on the skin. Isn’t it?

Experts have said that a good skincare routine can help delay aging.

So today, we are here to help you with some skincare tips using natural ingredients:

1) Coconut oil: It is a good ingredient for both hair and skin. It adds moisture to both hair and skin and improves the skin tone.

2) Aloe vera: This natural herb makes skin soft. Whenever you feel that your skin is getting dry, you should apply aloe vera gel after washing your face with a cleanser. It also helps fight pimples.

3) Green tea: It prevents aging of the skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants which are helpful for the skin. One can drink green tea or they can apply its mixture to the skin.

4) Oatmeal powder:  In order to enhance the beauty or radiance of the skin, apply any face pack of oatmeal powder on your face. You will be able to feel the difference after the first wash.

5) Turmeric: It is considered as one of the invaluable resources of nature. A turmeric pack will help brighten the skin tone. It also works as an antiseptic ingredient.

6) Cucumber: It is a natural cooling agent. Whenever you feel pain in your eyes due to excessive sunlight, apply it to your closed eyes. A cucumber pack on a hot summer day is a holy grain.

7) Lemon: It is a natural bleaching agent. Few drops of lemon juice remove dirt and tan from the skin.

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