Brew sachets are all the rage, according to these Indian coffee masterbrewers


Can brew sachets be a gamechanger for India’s coffee-lovers? A recent online coffee discussion hosted by Something’s Brewing explained how

On August 13, coffee lovers were introduced to a novel way of savouring their preferred beverage — brew sachets. At an online brewing session organised by Something’s Brewing, they experienced how these little brew bags offered them flavour without the trappings of instant pre-packed coffee or coffee powder.

The session was started by Abhinav Mathur, CEO of Something’s Brewing, a Bengaluru-based ecommerce company that aims to help coffee lovers get the experience of speciality coffee brewed by their favourite baristas. Abhinav was joined by masterbrewer Shubham Chawla, product marketing manager at Kaapi Machines.

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The concept of a brew bag is not entirely new to India’s coffee lovers. In 2020, many roasters introduced pre-packed coffee in brew bags. All you had to do was cut open the pouch, pour hot water and mix to drink. What is new is that Something’s Brewing brew bag allows coffee lovers choose the type of roast they would prefer on a particular day.

For newbies to the coffee space Shubham simplified the measuring technique by replacing the weighing scale with the teaspoon and tablespoon to decide the quantity to be used, ensuring that the spoons were captured on camera, leaving no room for doubts.

The session aimed at breaking brewing myths like coffee brewing requires specialised kits and machines. Abhinav and Shubham both emphasised the importance of the right technique and roast, depending on the drinker’s preference in coffee (light, medium to dark roast) . The brew bags also come with hangers that helps the bag to hang from the cup.

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