September 25, 1981, Forty Years Ago: Kampuchea Question


Prime Minister Indira Gandhi strongly defended the decision to recognise the Heng Samrin government in Kampuchea. Addressing a press conference in Jakarta, she recalled that her party had decided to recognise the Heng Samrin government even before the general elections of January 1980. Sharply reacting to a correspondent’s question on what India had gained from it, she said, “We do not take these decisions on the basis of deriving any benefit”. “The general applied by India was that any government that was operating de facto should be recognised”. Asked whether Kampuchean question figured in here discussions with President Suharto, and if there were differences with him, Mrs Gandhi said with a smile, “We both agreed that the situation should be resolved. There are bound to be differences between nations and leaders”.

Antulay Petition

Justice S C Pratap of the Bombay High Court admitted the writ petition against A R Antulay and the state of Maharashtra by P B Sawant, Mrinal Gore and Kamal Desai challenging the allocation and distribution of cement. Justice Pratap said that the petition succeeded in making a prima facie case. The court also directed that a show cause notice be issued to Umesh Balachandra Tipnis, secretary food and civil supplies, Maharashtra government, who had filed an affidavit against the admission of the petition. It asked why a case against contempt of court shouldn’t be made against him.


US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig and the foreign minister of the Soviet Union, Andrei Gromyko, agreed that the two countries should begin negotiations on November 30 in Geneva to reduce medium range nuclear forces in Europe.

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