India Warns As New Covid Cases In China Results In Lockdown


Dr NK Arora Warns India

The Chairman of Covid-19 Working Group Dr NK Arora warned on Tuesday, as China is facing a new surge of Covid cases. And Coronavirus is now also affecting other countries as well. The National Technical Advisory Group said that any carelessness regarding the pandemic can result in dangerous consequences. This warning comes a day before the launch of Covid-19 vaccines for the teens that are 12-14 years old.

Doctor quotes, “ We’ve expanded vaccination for 12-14 years old children, because of them being at high risk. Cases are rising in China, Singapore. Any complacency can be dangerous though most of the adult population has been vaccinated.”

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Remark Amid China’s Outbreak

The warning comes as China has forced a lock down in several regions of the country because of the surge in Covid-19 cases. Approx 30 million people are said to stay locked in their homes across China. Such an intense scenario has never been seen in China’s cities even when the pandemic started in early 2020.

China recorded 5280 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, this was the drastic increase in cases as compared to Monday. The current scenario which the Chinese citizens are facing is due to the new variant of Omicron which is highly transmissible.

Remark Amid China’s Outbreak

As Per Latest Update

China has now enforced a strict lockdown in 13 major cities nationwide. While in several other cities a partial lockdown is imposed. Tuesday was the sixth day when China was seeing over 1000 new cases consecutively. Now experts are expressing their concern about a cut in the growth of the World’s Second Biggest Economy.

As per Tommy Wu “Renewed restrictions, notably the lockdown in Shenzhen, will weigh on consumption and cause supply disruptions in the near term.”

Raymond Yeung stated in a research note “The partial containment of wealthy provinces in southern and eastern China is worrying because they account for half of the country’s GDP and population.”

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